The Menu

We propose a fresh seasonal menu of Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine for sharing, snacking and savouring. Ask for our special group menus.


Toasted flatbread with roasted aubergine and red pepper, marinated sardines and creamy pesto
€ 5,50
Salted anchovies from L´Escala with extra virgin olive oil and pepper (1 piece)
€ 3,30
Toasted coca “flat bread” with tomato and extra virgin olive oil
€ 4,50
D.O. Jabugo prime-quality cured Iberian ham
€ 19,50
€ 12,00
Free-range chicken roast croquettes (1 piece)
€ 4,50
Our Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes with mild spicy sauce) by Informal
€ 8,50
€ 5,00
Our Patatas Bravas with D.O. Jabugo cured Iberian ham
€ 14,00
€ 9,00


Tomato salad with ajoblanco (cold almond soup), basil and tomato granita
€ 15,50
Seasonal vegetable and fruit salad with fresh cheese, dill, and honey-mustard vinaigrette
€ 14,50
Bluefin tuna tartare with tomato, basil, amaranth, ginger, soy and wasabi
€ 20,50
Cod “esqueixada”, tomato, tuna belly, olives, piparra chilies and romesco sauce
€ 15,50
Lobster with coral vinaigrette and vegetable “salpicón”
€ 22,50
Hot and cold foie grasduo, green apple, brioche and Muscat jelly
€ 21,50
€ 12,50
Creamy potato gnocchi, butter sauce and Beluga caviar (10g)
€ 32,00
Homemade roasted duck raviolis with Mató cheese, apple and roasting juices
€ 18,50
€ 11,00


Creamy rice with tomato confit, roasted endives and Idiazabal cheese
€ 18,50
Traditional Catalan rice with cuttlefish and green asparagus
€ 21,50
Traditional Catalan rice with shrimp tartare and pork trotter carpaccio
€ 24,50
Grilled Bluefin tuna and tuna tataki with tomato, piparra chilies and herb garum
€ 29,50
Fresh charcoal-grilled fish with extra virgin olive oil and veggies
€ 29,50
Basque-Style fresh fish loin with garlic oil, chili, potato and Piquillo peppers
€ 29,50
Roasted monkfish with pancetta, cuttlefish, candied tomato and black olives
€ 28,50
100% organic fillet of veal tartare, prepared in our very own way, with fried egg
€ 22,50
€ 14,00
Chargrilled 100% organic fillet of veal with seasonal baby vegetables
€ 25,50
€ 16,50
Iberian pork, baked apple, hazelnuts and a spiced juice
€ 22,50
Roasted goatling back, potato gnocchi, Catalan mushrooms and vegetables
€ 25,50
Charcoal-grilled Rib eye, hasselback potato, caramelized pearl onions and Piquillo peppers
€ 26,50
Grilled 100% organic Chateaubriand with Béarnaise sauce (500g. Min. 2 people)
€ 31,50 p/p


Hot chocolate Coulant with 75% cocoa with 5 spices
€ 11,50
Chocolate Ice cream and ganache with olive oil and salt
€ 9,50
Iced swiss roll with vanilla cream and strawberries, mint and ginger
€ 9,50
Candied apricot, Tonka bean, dried apricot, almond ice cream and basil sorbet
€ 9,50
Fresh cheese flan, figs tartar, bitter Orange and frozen lemon granita
€ 9,50
Assorted Ice creams
€ 8,50
A selection of fine cheese, quince jam, sweet tomato and raisin walnut bread
€ 12,50
€ 2,50
Dish in homage to Picasso


07:30 ~ 11:30
13:30 ~ 15:15
19:30 ~ 21:45
Dinner is served until 23:30 on Fridays and Saturdays
Sin gluten

If you have any food allergies or food intolerances, please inform our Team.

Información disponible

We have at your disposal all the information on the dishes we offer.

Media ración

Half rations are equivalent to 60% of the whole rations.

Plato solidario

Charity dish: All proceeds will go to Ciutat Vella´s Roure Foundation.